The Amazon Echo Show Revealed!


Cook me a medium-rare, well-seasoned burger with extra pickles and tomatoes.” Is what I hope to say one day. With the way Amazon is heading, that day will be here soon. For now, we will have to stick with the newest device riddled with amazing features released on June 28th, 2017. The Amazon Echo Show!

Interesting to Note.

Unlike its predecessor, the Amazon Echo Show has a 7″ touchscreen on the front. located above the screen in a Front facing camera. Amazon really wants to push the idea that you can be connected to others and video call at all times. They call it “Dropping in

Amazon Echo Show

Wouldn’t be an Echo Without

The voice assistant Alexa included. With the Amazon Echo Show, they beefed Alexa up a bit. Now she can Play music, Call people, Watch videos, and Control your smart home using only your voice!

Amazon Echo Show

There’s More

The Amazon Echo Show still has far-field voice recognition. But it might be a little bit harder to have it hear you when you blast music on the 2 Dolby drivers built inside!

Amazon Echo Show

Apparently, with the 8 microphones, noise cancellation, and the beam forming technology, The Amazon Echo Show will still be able to hear you. Something I need to see for myself!

The Best Part?

If you just have to have it, the price is $229.99 + free shipping. But they are throwing a huge promotion. You buy two, and you get $100 off! (Use Code SHOW2PACK) Thats basically a BOGO deal. So if you want to check it out for yourself, just click right here. Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

Now GO.

Go and make your life a little simpler. Enjoy the small things of accessibility! Be together more!










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