Android Auto- 5 Reasons Why!

“Okay Google”

Android Auto

“Take me home.”

(Don’t you just hate being lost? Yeah, me too.)

These are the words I say the very moment I click my seatbelt in after work.  I also have the satisfaction of knowing that my directions are up on my screen by the time I look up.

This is all thanks to Android Auto!

Android Auto is shaping the way we use cellphones in our vehicle. Google recognizes how important it is to combat the use of cell phones while driving and they do it in the classiest way possible.

Which Leads me to my first reason for why you should utilize Android Auto.

Hands-Free Navigation!

Talk to Android Autoandroid auto

I encourage you to talk to your car/phone! It’s still a tiny bit weird at first, but it is also 2017!

The best part is that if you have a relatively new  Android phone, you can download it from the app store and use it right away. You can even set it up to automatically start Android Auto when you connect to Bluetooth.

Just give it a shot! Ask for directions just once to anywhere. You can thank yourself for doing it after.

Did You Say Music?Android auto on phone

You can ask Android Auto for more than just directions. How about asking to play Harry Style’s newest song?

Yeah, that’s right. Ask Google to play rock n’roll, or the top radio hits. Even an artist. Google will automatically work with your music provider (if it’s Spotify or Google Play Music) and create a radio that directly relates to what you asked for!

Gone are the times of messing with your phone to find your favorite song. They won’t be missed.

What If You Get a Text?

Android Auto still has you covered. Google will read the text aloud if you tap the notification of the text and she does a darn good job at it too.

Replying is even easier. All you have to do is say the magical words “Okay Google” then “Reply”. She then asks what you would like to say, then you just tell her. Yes, the voice-to-text is on point 9 times out of 10.

If You Have a Question

Android Auto has an answer. Using the power of the Google Assistant, you have the ability to find answers to your common curiosities

Android Auto

when driving.


  • “What’s $100,000 Divided by 12?”

($8,333.33 per month for those who want six figures)

  • “When did Power Rangers first air?”

(This was an actual debate between my wife and I)

  • “When is (insert next favorite game here) going to be released?

You have all this access to information on the road while keeping your eyes on the road.

Not To Play Daddy But

1/4 of all car accidents are caused by the use of smartphone and driving. Obviously, my final reason “why” is safety. Google has created something FREE that will make you forget about your phone while driving and reduce the risk of accidents!

Here’s my own personal takeaway.

What had erstwhile been a nuisance of fumbling my phone while driving to text, get directions home, and play music, has now led to me watching out for others caught in that distraction. I will not be that guy ever again thanks to Android Auto!

Give it a shot, I dare ya.

Happy Driving,

Your Tech Guide.

Google made Mazerati with Android Auto