Google Assistant Can Talk to You about What You See and More!

The Google Assistant’s evolution of conversation is nothing short of amazing. It feels like it speaks a natural language, and most times and gives a very comfortable experience.

In Case You Feel Weird…

You will soon be able to text your assistant! Just a Heads Up.

AI and Deep Learning

Have led to better Google vision. Your assistant will converse with you based off of what you see. Using your camera, Google will recognize whether it’s a restaurant, piece of art, building, etc That you are looking at. Even go as far as pointing it at a concert poster and it will set a date for you in your calendar, or point you to where you need to be to buy tickets.

Google is Looking to be More Available

So google has announced the google assistant on iPhone! Good news. It will be available within the next 24 hours.

The Google Assitant SDK has been released and allows manufacturers to incorporate google assistant in any product. A lot of companies will be showing up with google assistant pre-built into

Usefulness is Most Important…

To the Google Assistant. So now third party developers will support actions through the assistant. For example, ask Google Assistant to order Panera, Choose a sandwich, whatever toppings you want, go through prompts easily, then bam. it’s on its way.

Support for proactive assistants now leads to Google notifying you if it thinks you need the information. say “hey, google what’s up” when it notifies and Google Assitant tells you what’s going on with your day. ( Car accident, calendar appt. etc.) with others

Easier to Communicate With Others

hands-free calling coming to Google Home! Call mom, and it is completely Cost-free! Personalized calling is a feature added to the Google Home. Call with the private number by default or set up your own number.

Entertainment is also Important

Spotify will be adding free music service to Google Home. They are also adding SoundCloud and Deezer. You can also Bluetooth to the speaker to play audio. There are going to be more music partners

Evolution of Google Assitant

Visual responses for Google Home are soon to come. Ask to show calendar, and google shows it on the tv screen. Ask whats on youtube, pick whatever you see. Youtube tv will also be functional on tv through the assistant as well. When you’re done just say “Okay google turn off the tv.”