Google Photos Now Has 3 New Amazing Features

Google photos

Is a master of knowing what is best for you. with deep learning, I am NEVER disappointed with Google Photos

Google announced at their I/O 2017 three new features of google photos.

Suggested Sharing

Share and save what matters. With suggested sharing, sending pictures to friends has never been easier. Recognizing your friends, google will give notification reminders to send photos to your friend automatically!There is a New sharing tab. Works amazing on iPhone as well. Photos will recognize on other phones if photos can be added to shared album

Shared libraries.

You can share albums with other, and yes you can filter by time and people. You can actually have photos automatically appear in others library automatically. An example of this is pictures of kids can alway be put in your wife’s library.

Photo Books.

Yes, go make a real photo book! Incredibly easy to make too. Just select your phtotos and purchase either a hard cover or soft cover. From what used to take you HOURS of searching for photos and putting them together. Then making a trip to your local store. This will only take a few minutes. machine learning will soon give you pre-made books to choose from.

Google Photos
Google I/O


Google lens

Google lens is a big deal at I/O 17. It will be noticeable in Google photos to be able to interact deeper with your photos! Google Lens will show you building in your pictures and get directions to it. Google Lens will look at  paintings and tell you all about it. If you have a phone number on a picture, you can select it. It’s going to be incredible to see the potential behind it all.

Google photos
Select number in Picture. Google I/O 2017