Injustice 2- Get 20% Off!

Injustice 2

Who wins? Batman or Superman? It’s about time you settle that argument with your best pal. In injustice 2, there is a relentless amount of DC comic characters to pit aginst in battle. It’s up to you to dive in and find your dream superhero (or villain) and conquer all those who oppose you!

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Not Your Ordinary Fighting Game

Injustice 2 has a leveling up system with your character that helps to unlock to amazing super moves and the coolest gear.

There are hundred’s of combinations to switch upon on your character! Just imagine taking Catwoman and making her look any way you want!

Injustice 2

20% Off

The game Comes out this Tuesday (MAY 16). I just got my copy for 20% off so I figured I would share that will all of you!

Personally, the ultimate edition is the way to go. it’s usually $99.99. With the discount, you canĀ get it for a little more than the cost of the original game. It also comes with 9 more fighters, 2 new shaders, and 3 premier skins and a Sweet collectors case.

The discount is for Amazon Prime Members. It shows up at the LAST step of checkout.

Get Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition for $80

I’ll see you on there!