IPhone X – Innovations finest work

The future is here!

Iphone X

The iPhone X is a symbol of persisting innovation that Apple strives for to bring the future to now.

With a bezel-less display, an OLED screen, new Apple chipset, great battery life,  facial recognition, and one hell of a user interface, the iPhone X is looking to dominate 2017.

The New Screen

Looking to be the best screen of 2017, the iPhone X comes with a gorgeous Bezel-less OLED High Dynamic range display.

With these specs, and not to mention the total eye candy, the competition will be shook.

No Home Button?

That’s right. There is no home button, but the iPhone X offers a facial recognition that creates a 1 in 1,000,000 security. All you do is look, swipe up, and you’re in! There is also a Siri button on the side of the phone.

Do what with your face??

The facial recognition does much more than unlock your iPhone. With facial mapping, you can take advantage of the new emojis!

Create a funny video message and send it to your friends! The iPhone will recognize if you are smiling or frowning, and portray it through whichever emoji you choose.

IPhone X

Wireless Charging

Finally, iPhone has wireless charging! Using QI technology, you will soon be able to charge your phone in many different places without having to plug it in.

Iphone X

Augmented Reality

Using the new  A11 chipset, the iPhone X will be able to run smooth augmented reality games and apps. This projects real images and interactive material right in front of you in the real world – using your phone.

Iphone X

Did somebody say studio lighting?

The new camera will boast a 12 mp sensor with dual optical image stabilization to help capture the best video and picture you can possibly get.

The iPhone X’s new camera will also create professional studio lighting to any of your portraits! #Selfielife

Iphone X


Release Date

Iphone X

You can pre order this bad boy on October 27, 2017, and it will be available by November 3, 2017.

The iPhone X does come with a price of $999, so if you want the next best thing – you’re gonna have to fork up some dough.