Microsoft’s Mixed Reality – Is this real life?

What is your reality?

I think we can all agree that virtual mixed reality is exotic, enticing, and expensive. That $500-$1000 price point is just too far out of reach for most of us. Well, here comes Microsoft, doing cool things again.

Microsoft is looking to shake up the VR market with what they call “Mixed reality“. Basically, It is a combination of VR and AR. The best part might just be the new price tag.

Let Me Explain.

VR is Virtual Reality. You believe you are somewhere else, but you really aren’t. Exactly like Neo in the Matrix.

AR is Augmented Reality. You can project digital things in a physical reality. Think of Tony Stark in Iron Man when he is building all those projections in his garage.

Mixed Reality
Microsoft Hololense

Microsoft Plans?

Think of your Windows 10 PC and what you do with it.

Now imagine Having all that ready for you while stepping into an office with all the documents sorted, your calendar updated, and your favorite games/ video playing on the wall. You look at the opposite wall to find a view of whatever you want.

Mixed Reality

pretty unreal right?

The idea is to be able to use your computer with more than just a keyboard, mouse, and screen. Microsoft wants you to be immersed in what you do and interact with it in a physical way.

There’s More.

Microsoft and Acer have revealed their own “mixed reality” headset. There are sensors on the front of the mixed reality headset that recognize where you are in your room to help you not run into things while you run around.

Another function for the sensors is to recognize if you are using mixed reality with motion controllers. This proves to be a more immersive experience than using an Xbox controller to navigate.


Drum roll, please.

The headset’s are going to start at $299 USD (ACER) – $329 USD. (HP)

The ACER bundle with the motion controllers will be $399.

Available “This Fall”.

Mixed Reality

Something’s Not Right…

Is probably what you are telling yourself right now. but the specs check out!

included in both headsets is a pair of 1440×1440 panels (one per eye), 90Hz refresh rate, and a combination HDMI/USB 3.0 plug via 4m cable.

Mixed Reality and The Future of Gaming.

This can be a big break for Microsoft and gaming. I wonder if this will play a role in Microsoft’s E3 gaming conference for Project Scorpio.

What an interesting time for Microsoft.