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Microsoft’s Newest Baby- The Surface Laptop


We all know Microsoft isn’t doing so hot. Their sales are plummeting but something Tells me they are going to make a comeback with the new Surface Laptop. Expect the laptop to be released May 15!

Surface Laptop? Here’s The Deal:

Microsoft has a new baby. One directed towards the mature student. suface laptopThe Surface Laptop looks to tackle other high-end laptops with amazing specs you’re going to love. This is performance made personal.


Sporting a 13.5″ pixel dense touchscreen display, the Surface laptop is sure to draw your eyes into anything you see on the display. Not to mention you can still use the surface pen and surface dial with it!

    Did They Add Style? Get this.

Microsoft added an Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard! The keyboard is also backlit very well and they promise great travel. As well as four different colors of your choosing! (Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold.)


    Would you believe me if I said..

This is one of the best laptops I have ever seen! Not only is it gorgeous but it is light, small in size, and powerful. Also on of the most secure laptops out there.

   Uhm, Windows Being Secure? 

suface laptopYeah! With Window’s new software (Windows 10s) you can’t download any random ‘ole thing on the web. Just windows approved apps. But this also leads to a Faster Surface laptop!



I’m talking 7th generation intel i5 – i7 processor fast. This will help the surface laptop run those school intensive programs we all know about. The only thing worse than doing homework is having to do it on a program that doesn’t run well.

    One more thing..

With a laptop this sleek, you’re probably expecting an outrageous price. right? Well, it doesn’t seem that bad.

The Microsoft Surface laptop will set you back $999 at it’s starting costs. We don’t know as of yet what the higher specs will cost.

Surface Laptop