Xbox One X – Most Powerful Console Ever Made

The Xbox One X

Release Date- November 7, 2017

Price- $499 USD

Xbox One X
Xbox One X

You might be wondering “Xbox one X? Why is there another console??” Well, This console is released for the gamer who demands a higher level of performance.  This includes 4k, 4k textures, and higher frame rates.

Xbox One X

Games will run at 4k on this beast.  With 6 teraflops, 12 GB of gddr5 memory, and a 326 GB/s memory bandwidth, Performance will be a dream!


Don’t Worry

Even on 1080p Tv’s,  the Xbox One X will make your games will look phenomenal and be calibrated to look enhanced with “super sampling”.

Have I mentionedXbox One X

This is the smallest console yet and All of your old Xbox One accessories and games will be compatible with the One X from the start!

Xbox e3 Conference

Microsoft announced tons of amazing games at its e3 press conference. Some of these games include Crackdown 3, Anthem, Metro Exodus, and Assasins Creed Origins.

This has been an impressive conference done by Microsoft. It’s great to see them create better Press conferences and they are really listening to the Xbox community. Now it is time to see how Sony will Combat this!

Xbox one x
Phil Spencer